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Two thirds of UK men are overweight

Friday November 8th 2013

Just a third of middle-aged British men are not overweight, according to new figures.

Research from the Institute of Education - a constituent college of the University of London - reveals the current obesity crisis facing the nation.

Some 68% of men in their early forties are either classed as overweight or obese, compared to 49% of their female counterparts.

But that's not all - more men believe they are actually "about the right weight" so they are therefore making less effort to shift unwanted pounds.

The researchers, who measured the body mass index of almost 10,000 people in their early forties, said that although men in this age group seemingly have more cause for concern about their weight, they are less likely to be worried about losing it than females.

Around 30% of men who were overweight believed they were about the right weight compared to only 9% of women, while 41% of overweight men revealed they were making efforts to shed some weight compared to 66% of women.

"Carrying excess weight is far more socially acceptable for men than for women," said Dr Alice Sullivan, from the Institute's Centre for Longitudinal Studies.

"This is a particular concern given that cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death for men aged 35 and over."

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