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Turtles found dumped in soggy box

Thursday January 5th 2012

A pair of terrapins have been found dumped in a field near Oxford.

A dog walker found the turtles in a soggy cardboard box near her home in the city's Headington area.

The woman, Sharon Bailey, called the RSPCA, whose staff identified the turtles as yellow-bellied sliders and took them in.

Ms Bailey said: "My attention was drawn when my dog pounced on this wet object and to my surprise there were two terrapins inside. They were pretty little things with yellow stripes, drenched in the rain.

"It seems heartless to have left them in this way and I was concerned about them surviving out there, so took them home and put them in the bath to warm up."

The RSPCA's Dennis Lovell said: "Sadly it is not that unusual for terrapins to get dumped like this. Many people bought them on a whim after the ninja turtle films a while back and did not realise how big they can grow, how difficult they can be to care for properly and how expensive they can end up being."

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