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Try cat yoga if you're feline stressed

Tuesday December 1st 2015

New cat yoga class organisers say the practice is the perfect way for city dwellers to unwind.

Sydney-based Catmosphere is offering Australians a 45-minute yoga session in a cat-filled room. This is followed by 15 minutes' moggy-hugging time.

Billed as a "Space Cat Cafe", Catmosphere's Facebook page says that attendees can expect "bonus interruptions" from curious cats. Thomas Derricott, who jointly owns the cafe, says the cats claw the mats as class participants do their stuff.

The members will also find themselves being nudged by the cats as they are put through their paces. Manchester Business School's organisational psychology professor Sir Cary Cooper believes that kittens can help with intense short-term stress, such as exams or a hectic week.

Professor Cooper says that hugging cats, going to the gym or walking the dog will only offer a partial alleviation to stressful situations. This is because such activities do not address the root cause of the problem, he says.

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