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Trigger-happy dog lives up to his name

Wednesday October 28th 2015

A dog named Trigger has lived up to his name after shooting his owner in the foot.

The chocolate-coloured Labrador stepped on the temporarily discarded 12-gauge shotgun, setting it off and hitting Allie Carter. The hunting accident happened in northern Indiana's Tri-County wildlife and fish region in the US during a hunt for wildfowl on Saturday.

Ms Carter, 25, had left the gun's safety catch off as she altered her position. It was then that her dog somehow depressed the trigger, according to Jonathan Boyd, a conservation officer.

She was treated in hospital for bird shot pellet-related injuries described as "non-life threatening" and was later released.

Officials have reminded firearms users in the wake of the unusual accident to always use a gun's safety mechanism and point its muzzle away from people. They also stress that Ms Carter has yet to undergo a course in hunting education.

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