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Tributes paid to 30-year-old Whiskey

Thursday September 17th 2015

A British cat believed to be the oldest in the world has died aged 30. Black-and-white Whiskey was born in August 1985.

Lorraine Arnott, his owner, had been with the blind moggy from the age of five until 34. Whiskey's great age is equal to 138 in human years. The Buckinghamshire pair were reportedly inseparable and Ms Arnott says she will not be taking in another cat.

Lady, Whiskey's mother, died at the age of 27. Ms Arnott, of Aston Clinton, attributes Whiskey's long life to a special low-protein diet.

She finally decided to have him put to sleep after walking and weight-loss problems. Whiskey's death comes a year after a house fire saw him place one of his paws over his mouth to prevent himself from inhaling smoke, Ms Arnott said.

She spoke of his "lovely kisses" when he placed his two paws on her chest and touched her lips. Ms Arnott's other puss, Rosie, also lived to a ripe, old age, not dying until she was 25.

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