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Tree-top troubles for mischievous Moritz

Friday March 24th 2017

Cats find themselves stuck up trees so often it's become a cliché.

Welsh cat Moritz is the latest moggy in a muddle. He clambered to the top of a 21-foot oak tree and couldn't get back down.

The black and white wonder was on the prowl in the laenrhondda area of Treorchy, South Wales when curiosity got the cat.

The firemen were called after the RSPCA assessed Moritz's predicament from the pavement. With the help of their ladders, he soon had his paws on solid ground again.

However it seems Moritz has a history of getting himself into tree-based troubles.

"Moritz is an adventurous cat, and this is the second time he has got himself stuck up a tree - this time an oak tree," said owner Maria Marchl.

"I rescued Moritz three years ago. I'm so happy he is safely back home after this ordeal, and am very grateful to the RSPCA and the South Wales Fire and Rescue Service for helping him."

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