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Trapped dog saved after four days

Wednesday August 3rd 2011

The owner of a four-year-old cocker spaniel may be claiming on Pet Insurance for vet treatment the dog needed after becoming stuck down a hole for four days.

Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service used sophisticated rescue techniques that had been used following the recent Japan and New Zealand earthquakes to save the dog, which had become trapped deep inside an old fox hole in the woods behind properties in Well Street, Burghclere.

The RSPCA supervised as the fire service's animal rescue expert used a mirror and torch to get a rough idea of where Ivy was trapped. A flexible search camera and listening devices were then used to pinpoint her exact location under the ground.

Firefighters were able to expose Ivy's face about two hours later. This enabled them to give water to a seriously dehydrated Ivy before proceeding to carefully cut away at the soil that was trapping her.

Following her rescue, Ivy was monitored overnight and kept on a drip before being able to return home where she is now making a full recovery.

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