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Train station cat earns promotion

Thursday February 11th 2016

A mouse-catching cat at a West Yorkshire train station has been promoted for her good work - and become a global sensation in the process.

Felix, who has been chasing mice at Huddersfield railway station since 2011, is the new senior pest controller.

She has been given her own high-vis vest, while a cat flap has also been installed at the ticket barrier to allow her access to the platform.

The station's resident pet has her own page on Facebook, which has more than 20,000 likes from people in all four corners of the world.

Her success has been covered by newspapers in Taiwan, the Netherlands and Hong Kong, after the Huddersfield Examiner announced her "purr-motion".

Felix is following in the paw prints Tama , a stray which was made a station master in western Japan. She was credited with turning around a loss-making railway company, and received a special funeral last June, in which she was elevated to the status of a goddess.

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