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Toyota recalls 1.13 million models

Monday August 30th 2010

Around 1.13 million Toyota Corolla sedans and Matrix hatchbacks have been recalled over fears that their engines may stall.

The Japanese car maker recalled models sold in North America from the 2005-2008 ranges. The move is the latest in a line of quality-related issues for Toyota.

One minor injury and three accidents have already been reported, but whether the incidents are linked to the quality issue has not been confirmed.

The control module computer which regulates the engine performance may be faulty in models with 1ZZ-FE engines In some cases, a crack may develop on the module's circuit board, which could prevent the engine from starting, harsh shifting or an engine stall.

Toyota said it will replace the engine control modules on the recalled vehicles at no charge. It will begin mailing notifications to customers with affected Corollas and Matrixes starting in mid-September.

Toyota Motor Corp has recalled more than 10 million vehicles worldwide over the past year for a range of problems, including faulty accelerator pedals, floor mats that can trap accelerators and braking problems in its Prius hybrid. Federal regulators have been investigating the possibility of engine stalls in the Corolla and Matrix models since December and intensified their probe earlier this week.

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