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Toyota considers Corolla recall

Wednesday February 17th 2010

Toyota is looking into the logistics of recalling the world's best selling car - the Corolla - following complaints about power steering problems.

The carmaker has received less then 100 complaints but is taking them very seriously, the executive in charge of quality control Shinichi Sasaki has said.

He said the problem can make drivers feel like they are losing control of the steering, but it is unclear whether it is caused by an issue with the braking system or the tyres.

Toyota is still considering whether a recall is necessary. The number of cars affected is unclear.

The company is putting customers first in a renewed effort to salvage its reputation and will do whatever is necessary if a fix is needed, Mr Sasaki said.

With the troubled carmaker pondering another recall, the benefits of having a car value protector policy is clear.

Toyota has recalled 8.5 million vehicles globally during the past four months because of problems with sticking accelerator pedals, floor mats trapping accelerators and faulty brake programming.

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