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Toy car fitted to injured tortoise

Friday June 12th 2015

A tortoise whose leg was amputated following an accident is "zooming around" after being fitted with the wheel of a Hotwheels toy car.

Pet tortoise Touche was fitted with the unusual prosthetic during a 90-minute operation at Highcroft Veterinary Hospital in Bristol.

Vet Sonya Miles attached the wheel to the underside of the 8-year-old's shell with a special resin in an attempt to prevent Touche from damaging his shell by dragging his back end.

Within an hour of surgery, the revived pet was moving around and eating, apparently not bothered by the new addition. So good is his progress that owner Lisa Purnell says he is "zooming around the garden as if nothing has happened".

The wheel can be removed in the future if Touche develops enough strength to hold himself up, but Dr Miles says he could be wheeling himself round for the rest of his life. Eventually, he may need a bigger wheel as tortoises continue to grow until they are between 10 and 15 years old.

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