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Tinnitus treatment personalised

Tuesday March 20th 2012

Listening to sounds through headphones could soon be used as a personalised treatment for tinnitus after an initial trial proved to be successful.

Three-quarters of patients who took part in a trial for Acoustic Co ordinated Reset (CR) Neuromodulation at the Tinnitus Clinic in London found that symptoms were reduced. The therapy is designed to "reset" auditory nerve cells in the brain to stop them misfiring.

An estimated 10% of people in the UK suffer from tinnitus. People with the condition suffer from roaring, buzzing and ringing in their ears. In extreme cases, of which there are 600,000 in the country, it can lead to anxiety and sleep problems.

Researchers developed Acoustic CR Neuromodulation from therapies for neurological diseases such as Parkinson's that involve stimulating neurons, through probes sunk deep into the brain.

While undergoing the treatment, patients are required to wear a set of special headphones for a few hours each day.

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