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Tillie is proof that every dog has its day

Friday October 16th 2015

Tillie the dog has become the first animal to win the coveted "Washingtonian of the Day" honour in the US.

The setter-spaniel cross took the award on Thursday October 15 for keeping vigil over canine friend Phoebe for almost a week last month. Basset hound Phoebe had plunged into a cistern on to a mound of stones on the state's Vashon Island.

Volunteers hunting for the missing pair were contacted about a dog that had been spotted on a property before heading back to the waterside. The award certificate is state governor Jay Inslee's way of acknowledging inspirational individuals.

Around 70 awards have so far been handed out since Mr Inslee came to office in January 2013. But never before has an animal scooped the honour until now.

Tillie was joined at the presentation by BJ Duft, her owner, and, of course, Phoebe.

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