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Three new dog breeds join the Club

Tuesday June 16th 2015

The American Kennel Club has added three rare canines to its list of recognised dog breeds.

Among the newcomers is the berger Picard, a medium-sized, wiry-haired French farm dog that belongs to the herding group and is energetic and friendly, the New York-based organisation says.

Also making the grade is the miniature American Shepherd, a small herding dog popular with equestrians and often seen at horse shows.

It resembles the Australian Shepherd and, like its relative, the miniature version can have either brown or blue eyes, or one of each.

The third dog added to the list by the American Kennel Club, which currently recognises more than 180 dog breeds, is the Italian lagotto Romagnolo.

It is a medium-sized sporting dog covered with thick curly hair and is bred to sniff out truffle mushrooms.

By being on the list, the trio are now eligible to compete in the annual Westminster Dog Show at Madison Square Garden, New York, as well as other prestigious competitions around the US.

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