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Three-legged kitten brings joy

Friday April 11th 2014

A woman has spoken of the joy that a giddy three-legged kitten brought to their lives after she visited a cat rescue centre with her late husband originally intending to find an old, calm cat to bring home.

Despite their plans for a sedate feline friend of advancing years, June revealed that her husband John said "she's the one" as soon as he saw little Honey in the cattery at the Blue Cross rehoming centre in Burford.

They had owned a number of cats over the years but by this time John had been diagnosed with vascular dementia and they had decided a cat of advancing years would be most suitable for keeping him company - but then they saw six-month-old Honey.

"We rationalised that a three-legged cat would be rather slower. How wrong we were! On first being allowed outside, we heard a loud yowling and found her sitting on the roof. None of our four-legged cats had ever managed this," June revealed.

Sadly John passed away last year but he left £5,000 to Blue Cross in his will, ensuring that many more poorly, injured or homeless cats will be given a second chance in life.

June now has a great companion in Honey and she has registered her on to the Blue Cross Pets into Care Scheme, which offers peace of mind Honey will be looked after should anything happen to her.

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