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Three-legged dog wins NFU award

Monday May 9th 2011

A three-legged sheepdog has been crowned farm dog of the year.

Ian and Ruth Rees from Mid Wales entered Jack into the canine competition after the National Farmers Union (NFU) challenged members to send in a picture and 150 words explaining why their dog should win the prize.

Three-legged Jack took the top accolade, throughout England and Wales, after his owners wrote about how he had suffered a serious leg injury last year.

Despite having an amputation he made a miraculous recovery and continues to work on the couple's farm in Powys.

NFU Cymru president Ed Bailey said competition judges were impressed by Jack's tenacity and battle against adversity.

He said: "The competition was open to all shapes, sizes and breeds of dog and we were absolutely inundated with entries. They included runner-up Kim the collie from Essex and Reg, who at 22 years old, is something of a legend in the village near Exeter where he still works.

"But it was Jack who overwhelmingly won over the panel of judges. This is a dog who has certainly seen his fair share of adversity following his accident last year but who has bounced back to his hard-working, irreplaceable best."

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