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Three-legged cat 'doing purr-fect job'

Friday July 4th 2014

Inspiring pub regulars to adopt cats from rescue centres has put three-legged feline 'Legz' in line for a top award.

The five-year-old, who lives at the Charlotte Despard pub in Kentish Town, London, with his owners Amber Knight and Chris Sparks, is one of 17 animals nominated for the National Cat Awards.

Run by Cats Protection, the awards cover everything from bravery and survival to companionship and helping to raise the profile of rescue centres.

Legz's owners say one regular punter ended up volunteering at a cat charity after being inspired by their cat's friendliness, while several others had gone on to take in cats from local rescue centres.

Some of the award winners will be picked by a judging panel that includes Emmerdale star Eden Taylor-Draper and Downton Abbey actor Paul Copley, while the Purina Better Together category will be decided by a vote on Facebook.

The award winners - including the overall Cat of the Year - will be announced during a ceremony at The Savoy in London in August.

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