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Thousands of railway jobs face axe

Monday May 28th 2012

As the Government looks at ways to reform the railway industry, unions have voiced concerns that over 20,000 jobs could be lost.

Representatives have warned that the "value for money" review of the railways by Sir Roy McNulty will see job cuts for maintenance workers, guards, station staff, catering employees and ticket office staff.

A campaign has be launched by five unions: Unite, the TUC, Transport Salaried Staffs Association, Aslef and the Rail Maritime and Transport Union, with the aim of opposing cuts. Rail passengers in England will be given postcards on May 28 detailing the unions' concerns.

Frances O'Grady, the TUC's deputy general secretary has said that the Government's vision "appeals to train operators seeking to cut costs and maximise profits" but leaves the people who use the service "appalled".

He went on to say that "many" passengers have responded to the campaigns and "expressed their anger". Union officials have said that public surveys already show a real concern about a lack of staffing on the railways.

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