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Thousands of officers to lose jobs

Tuesday July 3rd 2012

Cuts to the Government's budget will see a serious reduction in officers and front counters in police stations over the next three years, according to new figures.

There will be 5,800 fewer officers policing the frontline, while a fifth of front desks will also close, the report by Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC) found.

Despite this, the proportion of frontline officers is set to increase to between 81% and 95% as the number of non-frontline officers is almost halved, with 7,600 going by 2015.

In response to the closure of so many front desks, 137 police access counters will be set up in order to support the public. These will be located in places such as libraries and supermarkets.

The overall police workforce has been cut by 17,600 in the last year - more than half of the total reductions that are planned by March 2015. However, the latest figures do not include those for the Metropolitan Police or Cheshire Police, so the projected number is poised to increase further.

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