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Third of those in poverty 'workers'

Wednesday November 28th 2012

Low wages and unemployment have blighted "grafters" who find themselves making up a third of all families stricken by poverty, according to a report.

Government policy threatens to make the situation even worse for those on low incomes who are barely coping, the think tank Demos suggested.

One in every three impoverished families which have experienced plunging incomes have recently been hit by redundancies or are self-employed, the Poverty In Perspective report notes.

This third are typically highly qualified workers and homeowners living in the least impoverished areas and who tend to be involved in politics and community action.

The existence of the group undermines the "stereotype of people in poverty tackling multiple social problems".

Such workers are having to adopt "stringent budgeting tactics in order to get by", the report points out.

Demos named another group as "managing mothers" who are single and who tend to have older children. They are also being forced into extreme budgeting and many of them are unemployed.

The two groups "might be deemed the easiest to help" but "are often overlooked by policymakers because they are seen to be getting by", the report claimed.

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