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The perfect dog-cat friendship

Tuesday March 10th 2015

A former racing greyhound has not only found a new home, but formed a beautiful friendship with a cat living there.

Kizzy, once known as Roman Princess on the track, has been taken in by Stocksbridge resident Zena Evans, who works for the Sheffield Retired Greyhound Trust at Gosling Moor Farm in Wortley.

Nine-year-old Kizzy is one of Zena's eight dogs and three cats. One of the cats, Minnie, just 18 months old, took a shine to Kizzy and Zena says they now have a special relationship.

Minnie just turned up at Zena's home one day and has been there ever since. She said it is hard to tell how well dogs and cats will get on when they are in the same house, so their friendship was unexpected.

Zena says the couple that run the farm, Roy and Linda Cattlin, have an eye for matching dogs with the right owners.

Roy says the way Kizzy and Minnie get on shows just what good pets greyhounds make. He says they are loving, docile and contrary to what many people think, they don't need a great deal of exercise.

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