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The dog days of summer are over

Friday August 29th 2014

Almost everyone can remember the back-to-school blues after the long and exciting summer holidays, but now research suggests that many dogs start feeling down around the same time.

The study shows that separation anxiety is a widespread issue affecting canine health, particularly when young owners begin leaving the house after long periods spent at home.

The research, compiled by Dr Nick Dodman of the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine in Massachusetts, suggests that many dogs in the US feel abandoned and anxious when unexpectedly left alone.

The concerned canines will often panic and vent their anxiety by barking, howling or whining after their younger friends leave.

Dr Dodman also found that anxious dogs will often refuse to eat while alone at home and can be particularly susceptible to loud noises during this time.

The solution, is to make a child's return to school a happy time for the dog in other ways, by using treats and toys to ease feelings of anxiety and build positivity.

Ultimately though a trip to the vet may be needed if the dog doesn't start showing signs of getting better.

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