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Tesco planning 'Hudl 2' for 2014

Thursday December 12th 2013

Tesco is to launch a follow-up to its popular Hudl device in 2014 following strong demand for its first Android tablet.

The supermarket says it has sold 300,000 of its £119 Hudl devices, claiming to have shifted 35,000 over the space of just a few days.

The new model will be "enhanced" and Tesco chief executive Philip Clarke says the firm hopes to continue the success of the current version.

Chief digital officer at Tesco, Michael Comish, told the Guardian that Tesco had struggled to maintain stock of the tablets, saying: "they are flying off the shelves so quickly, it has run out of stock twice".

The Hudl comes with a 7-inch screen of 1440x900 pixels. It uses a 1.5GHz A9 quad-core processor alongside 1GB RAM, sports a Mali 400 quad-core graphics processor and comes in purple, red, black and blue.

Tesco's foray into the tablet market prompted a number of other retailers to launch their own budget computers.

Argos unveiled its £100 MyTablet and Aldi recently launched its new £79.99 low-end Medion Lifetab Android tablet.

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