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Terrier rescues abandoned puppy

Friday September 16th 2016

A new-born puppy left to die in a rubbish pile in a disused car park has been rescued by an older dog out on her daily walk.

Poppy, a terrier, was on a stroll with her owner in Tallaght, south Dublin, when she ran to a heap of debris in an almost derelict site behind the Belgard Inn pub.

She began nosing around the waste until she found the abandoned little white and tan coloured pup, thought to be a Jack Russell and as young as seven days old.

Despite being called back by her owner, Poppy wouldn't leave the pup's side.

When Poppy's owner realised what had happened, she brought the days-old puppy to the Dublin Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (DSPCA).

She is now being cared for and has been called Autumn.

Lorna Swift, of the DSPCA, says it is a miracle the puppy was found as she would not have survived another 24 hours without the actions of Poppy and her owner.

"She was abandoned at the back of this little-used car park, which is quite a bit away from the public road - no-one would have found her if it hadn't been for Poppy," she said.

"She is staying now with one of our staff and we are confident that she will make it."

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