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Teacher finds cat that was lost in France

Tuesday November 25th 2014

A pet cat that got lost in France while being taken from Italy to England has been found after its owner made appeals on social media.

Vicky Perry had decided to move back to West Yorkshire after four years in Sicily and had arranged to have Martina driven back to the UK.

But the 27-year-old primary school teacher was left heartbroken when she got an email saying Martina had been lost in Nice, south-east France.

Miss Perry was determined to find her beloved pet and launched a social media campaign in a bid to trace her.

She posted a description of Martina on the Facebook pages of all the bars and restaurants in Nice and registered the disappearance on French, English and Italian pet microchip databases.

And she was overjoyed when - nearly two weeks after she last saw her pet - she received a message saying a cat matching Martina's description had been found and was being cared for at a bar in the French port city.

Miss Perry was finally reunited with Martina after travelling to Dover and taking a cross-Channel ferry to Calais before renting a car to make the 12-hour, 760-mile drive down to Nice.

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