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Tax workers protest job cut plans

Tuesday July 31st 2012

A new wave of industrial action began on Monday by tax workers protesting against the Government's job cuts and privatisation plans.

Public and Commercial Services union members launched weeks of action, including work to rule and walk-outs, everything short of a strike, to protest the Government's planned job cuts at Revenue and Customs.

The union also has plans to stage a strike in September in its struggle against job cuts and moves to privatise areas of the tax service. The Government plans to cut 10,000 tax jobs by 2015 on top of the more than 30,000 cut since 2005.

"While millionaires in the cabinet wring their hands about the morality of tax avoidance, they are ploughing ahead with plans to cut thousands more jobs from the department responsible for doing something about it", the union's general secretary Mark Serwotka said, adding:

"The case for investment in our public services as an alternative to austerity could not be more obvious than it is in HMRC."

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