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Tales of feline bravery awarded

Friday July 13th 2012

Feline feats will be celebrated at a cat awards show, with a plucky puss named Leo who scared off a burglar in the running for a prize.

Celebrities including comedian Ed Byrne and model Lucy Pinder will be among those giving a round of a-paws to the cream of the crop at Cats Protection's National Cat Awards.

A trio of moggies can be nominated in five different categories, including Hero Cat, Outstanding Rescue Cat, Best Friends, Most Incredible Story and Celebrity Cat.

Amongst those on the shortlist are Charley, who saved her owner's life after a collapse due to diabetes, and determined moggy William, who was nominated for making his way home after being viciously attacked by a dog.

Meanwhile, a one-eyed rescue cat called Midge has been nominated after she became a hit in the movie world.

The awards, which are sponsored by Verdo cat litter, have been organised to celebrate real-life tales of feline bravery, companionship and survival.

Previously called the Rescue Cat Awards, any of Britain's 10.3 million moggies can now be nominated for awards.

Owners and their shortlisted cats now face a claw-biting wait until the ceremony on 16 August, which will be held at the Savoy in London.

Category winners will be revealed at the event, and one fortunate feline will win the accolade of being the National Cat of the Year.

A number of famous faces are set to attend, with Channel 4 presenter Rick Edwards lined up to present the ceremony.

Meanwhile, Ed Byrne, Lucy Pinder, ex-Yes keyboardist and Grumpy Old Men star Rick Wakeman, along with former BBC newsreader Jan Leeming, will reside on the judging panel.

The star panel is set to have a tough time picking the winners, according to Kate Bunting, the awards organiser at Cats Protection.

She said: "Each and every entry we received told a tale about why cats have such a special place in people's hearts, sometimes heart-rending, sometimes funny and often quite amazing!"

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