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TV vet on autumn dangers for pets

Monday October 14th 2013

As 2013's glorious summer draws to a close, the nights are drawing in, the wind and rain is on its way and the temperatures are dropping.

As autumn comes around, pet owners are being made aware of a number of hazards they should look out for in the colder months.

TV vet Marc Lee Abraham, in a blog for the Huffington Post, said it's a good idea to ensure dogs are kept dry when walked, wearing waterproof and reflective warm coats.

It's not just cold weather you should watch out for, either. A number of seasonal parasites crawl out of the woodwork in autumn, Marc points out, including tiny orange harvest mites picked up from long grasses which congregate around ears, eyelids, and feet.

October is also firework season, which be a stressful and traumatic time for pets. Marc advises owners to think about calming aids such as desensitisation CDs to help cure their four-legged friends' firework phobias.

Marc added: "Please be aware older dogs and cats tend to feel their joints more in cold weather, so make sure they've plenty of warm bedding, with any changes in mobility or even lameness investigated by your vet.

"Stiffness and soreness can easily and safely be treated nowadays making the forthcoming colder months much more bearable."

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