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TV presenter's dog 'lives on' in The Archers

Wednesday February 8th 2017

Countryfile presenter Matt Baker has said his renowned collie Meg lives on after her death thanks to a cameo in The Archers.

Meg became famous after appearing alongside the presenter on Blue Peter, and a soundbite of her bark is now used by the BBC Radio 4 soap opera.

"She came with me when I was doing a piece about the show," Matt told The Radio Times.

"It turned out their bank of sound effects was lacking the bark of a working dog...So they recorded her, and now whenever you hear a dog bark on The Archers, that's Meg."

The 39-year-old recalled adopting the beloved border collie in 1999 from a neighbour's farm in Durham, and lovingly tells how she helped him acclimatise during his move to London.

Sadly, Meg was diagnosed with cancer in her hip in 2011 and Matt was forced to make the heartbreaking decision to relieve her from suffering.

Baker said: "You have to learn to hold the memories close and not feel hard done by. I've known this loss many times, and it fills me up to think of it."

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