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TUC issues Yorkshire jobs warning

Friday June 17th 2011

The Trades Union Congress (TUC) has warned that Yorkshire is almost certain to miss out on the recovery in the labour market when the economy rebounds.

Officials from the unions umbrella group claimed that areas like Yorkshire are likely to suffer more job losses as a result of spending cuts being initiated by the Westminster government.

As part of the TUC's campaign to offer alternatives to cuts it has described as "deep and rapid", general secretary Brendan Barber is planning to make a visit to the area.

He said: "Yorkshire is being hit hard by the Government's spending cuts, whatever Westminster-based politicians may claim. The region was one of the hardest hit during the recession and is struggling to create enough new jobs during our so-called recovery.

"The Government's deep and rapid spending cuts will only make matters worse. They are already weakening business and consumer confidence, and they will also dampen demand in the local economy."

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