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Study shows what the cat drags home

Tuesday August 9th 2011

Swimming goggles, Christmas tree lights and Playboy bunny ears are among the unusual objects Britain's cats have brought home, a new survey has found.

In a Facebook appeal, charity Cat Protection asked pet owners about the strangest things their cats have returned home with. The list, based on responses from hundreds of people, included a Yorkshire pudding, a shuttlecock and a green feather duster.

One cat owner found their pet had managed to obtain a drawing with fridge magnets still stuck to it, another came back with a more valuable £10 note.

These "gifts" have made it to the charity's Top 10 bizarre objects list alongside a bra and a fibre optic lamp.

The charity's director of veterinary services, Maggie Roberts, said: "The domestic cat evolved from the African Wild Cat, whose territory was very large but always included a safe core area where it would take its prey.

"This is how the domestic cats view their owner's house."

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