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Study chasing reason behind dog habit

Wednesday April 22nd 2015

A study being carried out by a British university is seeking to understand why dogs chase their own tails.

Bristol University is now appealing for dog owners to come forward to help them with the study, which will look at whether chasing tails and spinning in a circle is down to excitement, frustration or anxiety.

The people behind the study are appealing for "unaffected dogs" that do not have such habits, which are described as abnormal repetitive behaviour.

According to the experts carrying out the study, frequent spinning could become a nuisance for owners, as well as potentially damaging a dog's paws.

Beth Loftus, a PhD student who is running the study, said the behaviour was puzzling and it was not clear whether it was a welfare concern for dogs. It is hoped the study will identify pooches that might be at risk of developing the habit.

Any breed can take part in the Bristol Spinning Dog Project, which is being funded by the Dogs Trust.

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