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Stuck pet? Don't just call 999

Wednesday July 11th 2012

London Fire Brigade is launching a new campaign to persuade the public firstly to keep an eye on their pets, and secondly not to automatically call the service for pet rescues.

London fire crews rescued 620 animals last year, with the number of rescues rising 60% over the last six years. The first half of 2012 suggests an increase again for this year.

To highlight the need to look after your pets and not let them get into trouble, the fire brigade has released details of some of their more unusual pet rescues, which include, bizarrely, a chimp caught in a chimney, a snake in a retirement home, a cat with its head lodged in a bongo, a hamster stuck in a lift, an iguana that made its way on to a roof and could not get down, and a parrot that got trapped in its own cage.

While the image of firemen rescuing cats up trees is a very traditional one, the London Fire Brigade says that the RSPCA should always be your first point of call before you dial 999.

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