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Street cat stars in own blockbuster

Monday January 4th 2016

A street cat is to make his debut on the big screen in a film about an unlikely friendship.

Ginger stray Bob and his adopted owner, James Bowen, are already the stars of a best-selling book.

They met in London in 2007. James was living in sheltered accommodation when Bob wandered into the building with an injured leg. Little did they know the chance encounter would be the beginning of a life-changing friendship.

James took Bob to a vet and then nursed him back to health. The cat quickly became a busking companion for James, following him all around the streets of the capital - even hitching a ride on his shoulders.

A Street Cat Named Bob will hit cinemas later this year, with award-winning actor Luke Treadaway, who has starred in films such as Unbroken and Clash of the Titans, as James. Bob is playing himself in the blockbuster, which documents their extraordinary journey together.

James credits Bob with helping him to come off a methadone programme and encouraging him to turn his life around.

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