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Stray dog only understands French

Tuesday November 10th 2015

Workers at a rehoming centre are having to speak in French accents to one stray because he understands nothing else.

Archie has grown used to the Gallic tongue of volunteer helper Marie-Helene Leoni after being cared for her most weekends since March.

The four-year-old Jack Russell terrier was found roaming in Ireland before Dogs Trust officials brought him to the Harefield rehoming centre in west London.

Ms Leoni has helped to nurse Archie back to full health at her Maida Vale home in London.

The 57-year-old nursery schoolteacher, who was brought up in Savoie in the French Alps, even sings French children's songs to the pooch.

Centre staff say that when Archie returns to the home after staying with Ms Leoni he will not respond to any commands other than those given in the French accent.

This has led to the strange situation of staff having to put on French voices when talking to Archie, then using their normal voices when giving commands to the other dogs.

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