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Stray dog joins Amazon adventure

Tuesday November 25th 2014

A team of athletes set off on a jungle adventure hoping to win a competition and came home with an unexpected prize - a stray dog.

The Swedish athletes - Team Peak Performance - first met Arthur when he turned up at their table in Ecuador as they were settling down for a meal before a stage of the 430-mile race in the Amazon rainforest.

A member of the team taking part in the Adventure Racing World Championship fed him a meatball, and the tasty treat was enough to earn the dog's loyalty throughout the rest of the journey.

He kept up with the athletes as they biked and hiked through tough terrain, sometimes with a bit of human help, and could be seen swimming alongside them as they kayaked up rivers.

Mikael Lindnord, who fed the stray the meatball, was so impressed he felt he could not leave Arthur behind, taking him back home after the trek was completed.

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