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Stray cat runs up 660 gourmet fish bill

Tuesday December 16th 2014

Everyone knows cats love seafood but a stray feline ended up in seventh heaven after getting under a gourmet fish counter at an airport shop.

The ginger cat with expensive tastes devoured well over £600 worth of delicacies including tuna, squid, scallops and dried octopus after getting into the shop.

The fishy feasting was caught on film with the footage since going viral on the internet. And with well over half a million views on YouTube, the film has helped turn the cat into a minor celebrity.

The stray is thought to be one that has been regularly spotted wandering around the airport, though it has not been seen since its banquet.

However, the cat's exploits are now attracting a stream of visitors to the shop at the airport in Vladivostok in eastern Russia.

Irina Kuzmina, who owns the shop, says the throng of visitors coming into the shop to ask questions about the cat is making it difficult for staff to do their work.

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