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Stray cat is right at home in re-homing centre

Tuesday December 9th 2014

A stray cat that was found with severe injuries has won the heart of the owner of a re-homing centre.

Sardine was discovered in Newmarket, Suffolk, by Mick Smith, who runs a lost and found pet page on Facebook. Aware of the condition of the animal, he rounded up some volunteers to trap the cat, which had a bad abscess on a bite near its jawbone.

It took the group four days to capture the cat, eventually luring him in using tinned sardines as bait. He was treated by a vet for his injuries before being taken to Joanne Evans' re-homing centre Animal Craziness, in Ashley, Cambridgeshire.

He was given the name Sardine by staff at the centre, who spent six months caring for him and nursing him back to full health with the aim of eventually re-homing him.

However, Miss Evans said the cat was such a charmer, she couldn't bring herself to let him leave. She said Sardine had won her heart, adding that he has fitted in well with the other animals that are housed at the centre.

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