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Stowaway cat reunited with owners

Tuesday January 12th 2016

A stowaway cat is back at home after inadvertently sailing across the sea from the Isle of Wight to Dorset.

Dolly was found on the mainland five weeks after going missing, much to the delight of owner Debs Murphy-Latham.

The three-year-old moggie has a history of going off by herself, but this is the first time she has ever left the island.

It is believed Dolly may have hitched a ride on a cruiser moored at Cowes, located on the island's northern tip. She was found in a Poole marina, and because she was microchipped, staff at a local vets were able to scan her and get in touch with Ms Murphy-Latham.

Ms Murphy-Latham and her two daughters, Natasha, 10, and Annabelle, 7, made the trip to Southampton's Red Jet terminal to collect the much-loved black-and-white cat.

The family says Dolly will be spending the next few weeks indoors until she remembers exactly where she lives, so she will find it hard to embark on any more adventures any time soon.

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