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Stowaway cat ends up 200 miles away

Thursday June 16th 2016

A runaway cat who helps Western Islands fishermen control rodent populations has found itself around 200 miles away on the Scottish mainland after becoming a stowaway.

The Isle of Harris cat is now in the Argyll town of Oban and efforts are being made to return it to its owners.

An animal charity has given the adventurous cat a temporary home after it climbed aboard the Oban-bound yacht, the BBC reports.

Argyll Animal Aid's Jean Sutherland says the female moggy was discovered in the chartered boat on Friday (June 10).

An animal-loving woman took it to an Oban veterinary practice after coaxing it into a carrier, Ms Sutherland says. The animal charity has made inquiries about the cat's real home while the vets have kept tabs on it.

Now Animal Aid is trying to arrange transport for the runaway cat's return journey, BBC Radio Scotland reports.

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