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Stories of lost and found cats

Friday April 7th 2017

Cats often wander off and disappear for a few days - but when that turns into months and even years it becomes traumatic for both the pet and the owners.

Take Jimmy, a tabby from New Jersey who went missing from his home for over two years. His owners spent months looking for him after he made it away in September 2014.

They began to fear the worst when he didn't come back after being called in from his nightly wander round the garden. Thankfully Jimmy is now back home - after a wander that lasted two years.

Then there's the case of Boo Boo, a Californian kitty who went wandering for 4 years and ended up thousands of miles away in Canada.

Luckily her owners were reunited with her recently when they got a call out of the blue about the cat's microchip.

Boo Boo had trekked all the way from Watsonville California cross-country to Toronto in Canada. Her owners did say she liked an adventure.

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