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Stolen dog reunited with family

Wednesday August 5th 2015

A dog has been reunited with its owners after being stolen by burglars seven years ago.

The 10-year-old Jack Russell called Molly was picked up by Warwickshire Police in Leamington Spa following reports of dogs running loose on the streets.

Officers tracked down owners Brian and Pauline Berry, who live 200 miles away in County Durham, using the canine's microchip.

They were stunned to hear she had been reported stolen from kennels at their home back in 2008, while the couple were equally stunned to hear that their much-loved pet had been found after so long.

Molly was picked up looking thin, with her teeth in very poor condition.

After hearing the news that their pet had been found, Mr and Mrs Berry immediately made plans to drive the 200 miles from their home in Houghton le Spring to collect her. She was waiting for them in local kennels.

Mr Berry says Molly instantly recognised their faces when they were reunited with her.

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