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Station cat back at home with owner

Tuesday February 23rd 2016

A cat has been reunited with his owner after spending the past three years living at a railway station.

The black and white moggy was given the name Brian by staff at St Albans station in Hertfordshire, who assumed he was a stray.

But it turns out his real name is Obama. He had gone missing on a trip to St Albans with his owner.

Pet and owner were reunited after station staff took the cat to the vet to be treated for fleas, where his microchip was discovered.

Brian was popular with staff and travellers, who enjoyed giving him fuss and attention. He would either sleep on the station seat or in his very own box.

Weekly food runs from members of staff and donations from passengers meant he never went hungry.

Obama's owner, who was traced using the microchip, has thanked the station for looking after him so well during his time away from home.

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