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Stars back anti-litter campaign

Tuesday June 28th 2011

Celebrities are backing a campaign to stop people dropping litter, as it costs a fortune to clear up and is hurting thousands of animals a year.

Jeremy Paxman, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Steven Gerrard and Jonny Wilkinson are among the names supporting Clean Up Britain. The initiative has revealed that it costs councils nearly a £1 billion every year to collect and dispose of litter.

The RSPCA has also put its weight behind the push, saying items that have been badly disposed of are often the cause of injuries to wild animals and pets. It said everyday things such as broken glass or plastic bags could hurt animals - resulting in expensive trips to the vets and hefty Pet Insurance claims.

The charity said it gets over 7,000 phone calls every year from people worried about animals killed, injured or trapped by litter or dumped rubbish.

Sustainability and social responsibility manager Helen Ball said: "What makes this issue so frustrating is that it is just so avoidable. Animals are dying or being really badly hurt, just because people prefer to hurl things out of their car window or drop them on the ground rather than just wait until they get to a bin."

Clean Up Britain is also taking aim at the large firms that produce the packaging most often seen abandoned on grass verges or pavements.

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