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Star-crossed lovers: Search to rehome Romeo the cat and Juliet the dog

Tuesday October 18th 2016

Cats and dogs are not well-known for being the best of friends, but for Romeo and Juliet it was love at first sight.

Romeo is a ginger tabby cat, while Juliet is a miniature schnauzer.

The pair were found under a car together and had been living as strays. They were rescued and taken to the Chula Vista Animal Care Facility in California.

Cats and dogs usually live in entirely separate sections of the shelter, but when staff tried to place Romeo and Juliet in different areas, the animals stopped eating and became lethargic.

So volunteers created a special enclosure just for the pair, where they could cuddle up together.

Amanda Mills, an administrator at the shelter, told ABC News: "They just needed to be together.

"'As soon as Romeo saw Juliet again, he just perked right up. The cat finally started playing and eating again."

Staff are now searching for a family who will want to adopt both Romeo and Juliet together so they can have a happy ending.

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