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Staff go as Jobcentre offices axed

Tuesday May 17th 2011

A total of 22 Jobcentre Plus offices are closing down with 2,400 jobs being axed, workers have been told.

The closures, mainly over the next year, will involve 17 benefit-processing sites and five contact centres, said the Public and Commercial Services union.

The announcement of job losses was attacked by the union, which said they would remove vital support for the unemployed, condemning the announcement as "deeply flawed and dangerous".

The union said the closures came as hundreds of thousands of public sector workers were losing their jobs as a result of the Government's spending cuts. Jobcentre Plus has already axed more than 10,000 jobs since 2009, said the union, warning that the latest losses will lead to further delays in processing claims.

PCS general secretary Mark Serwotka said the support removal for jobseekers and welfare claimers comes "at precisely the time the Government's ideological cuts will throw more people out of work. Instead of cutting jobs, the Government should be investing in public services like these to help get people back to work more quickly and help our economy to get back on track."

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