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Staff facing further job cuts

Wednesday April 25th 2012

Several major companies announced plans on Monday to cut more than 1,000 UK jobs combined, with a number of others under threat in a fresh blow the economy.

Technology firm Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) wants to make 640 people redundant in the coming months and has formally opened a 90-day consultation with unions.

British Gas added to the woe by announcing that they are to close a Southampton call centre later this year, with 550 employees set to lose their jobs.

And communications giant Vodafone may also follow suit as they press ahead with plans to takeover struggling Cable & Wireless Worldwide for £1.04 billion.

A spokesman for CSC said: "Through voluntary redundancies and redeploying people within other parts of our business, we hope to achieve a significant reduction without the need for compulsory redundancies. Where this is not possible, we will provide support to help ensure that anyone leaving the business does so in the best possible position."

Union bosses expressed their dismay at the cuts, with Unite and Unison both describing the announcements as a "body blow" which has "devastated" workers.

But the British Gas hit back and said: "If we are going to remain competitive and offer the best prices for our customers, we need to reduce our costs."

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