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Sssurprise discovery for York couple who find snake in vacuum cleaner

Tuesday November 15th 2016

A York couple had the fright of their lives when they found a snake poking out of their vacuum cleaner.

The RSPCA says a husband and wife contacted them after they found the corn snake in their airing cupboard of their home in Boroughbridge, York. last month.

The man who contacted the charity said he initially thought his wife was playing a prank on him when he saw the snake's head popping out from the cupboard.

"They spotted the corn snake's head under the door and were rather frightened about what kind of snake it might be," said Animal Collection Officer Lucy Green.

She added: "I went along to collect the snake and when I arrived the snake was no longer in the airing cupboard - but had slithered inside the vacuum cleaner."

"Luckily, they weren't using it at the time and he snuck inside just before I got there.

"It was quite a surprise to flip the head of the vacuum cleaner over and see the snake's little orange head poking out!"

The non-venomous 2ft-long corn snake wasn't injured and is in a good condition.

Ms Green says the snake is fine to be handled so she thinks he must have escaped from a loving home nearby.

The escape artist has now been handed over to an exotics specialist and, if not claimed within seven days, will be rehomed.

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