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Sports-related injuries show rise

Monday June 18th 2012

The number of adults who suffer a sport-related injury is on an upward trend, according to a new report.

Figures published by the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) shows that the amount of people who have been seen by accident and emergency staff due to injuries involving a sport has increased by more than a tenth (14%).

Statistics recorded between February last year to February this year reveals that 388,500 people were treated for sport-related injuries in contrast to 338,200 in the previous 12 months. Slightly more than half of those were inflicted on males within the 10 to 29 age group.

"Sport seems to be catching the public imagination at the moment with the Olympics just around the corner. While our hospital figures do not of course represent levels of sports participation over time, they do give an insight into the amount of injuries ending up in A&E through sport," said HSCIC chief executive Tim Straughan.

"Today's report shows that there has been a considerable rise in such injuries being treated by A&E staff, with cases up by about 15% in a year. About half of all of these cases - so just over 200,000 - were for males aged 10 to 29."

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