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Social media boosts corgi popularity

Tuesday October 13th 2015

Corgis are enjoying a renaissance - but it is not the Queen's fondness of them that has sparked this resurgence, it is social media.

Cute pictures of the royal dogs posted on sites such as Instagram have led to a surge in registrations across the UK.

The pooches were put on the vulnerable breeds list earlier this year following record low registrations. But it appears that lots of people now want a corgi to call their own .

The Kennel Club says that registrations of Pembrokeshire Welsh Corgi increased by 54% in the first half of 2015, thanks largely to their new-found stardom online.

Winny the corgi, one of Instagram's four favourite dogs, has thousands of followers. His London owner regularly takes snaps of him out and about or sporting new attire. There are even videos of Winny playing with his friends.

Other Instagram stars include a miniature smooth-haired dachshund and a French bulldog.

Kennel Club secretary Caroline Kisko explains dogs are now increasingly becoming celebrities in their own right, leading to huge increases in the popularity of certain breeds.

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